Aluminum Association releases a policy roadmap for a sustainable and competitive U.S. Aluminum Industry

On May 7, the Aluminum Association released a new policy roadmap called “The Aluminum Agenda” for a sustainable and competitive U.S. Aluminum Industry. The agenda includes principles and policy goals for a U.S. aluminium industry in the 21st century.

The document prepared in consultation with the aluminium companies covering the entire value chain has listed down five key areas for the future growth and investment in the U.S. aluminium sector.

  1. Trade: Negotiation with China to discuss aluminium overcapacity, elimination of trade restrictions for countries that abide by the trade rules and implementation of trade enforcement for others.
  2. Environment: Development of common sense and science-based environmental regulation for air and water quality, chemical reporting and fuel economy standards for vehicles.
  3. Infrastructure: Encourage public and private funding and enact reforms to enhance the use of sustainable materials to help build up the nation’s critical infrastructure.
  4. Energy: Ensure access to reliable, affordable and efficient domestic energy sources.
  5. Workforce: Promote policies to enable the recruitment of a skilled and diverse workforce and improve workplace health and safety.

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