Bauxite price increases by RMB20/t after three months; A00 aluminium ingot price extends rise

After remaining muted for about three months at RMB 540 per tonne, the average price of Bauxite (6.0≤Al/Si<7.0)Shanxi has recorded a growth of RMB 20 per tonne to RMB 560 per tonne, as of July 31, learned Shanghai Metals Market. This is the third change in Bauxite (6.0≤Al/Si<7.0)Shanxi price this year, followed by a price drop from RMB 570 per tonne to RMB 550 per tonne, as of January 28, and then another decline on April 24 to RMB 540 per tonne.

The price of Bauxite (6.0≤Al/Si<7.0)Henan, on the other hand, has registered a plunge by RMB 30 per tonne to RMB 520 per tonne.  From May 5 to July 30, the Bauxite (6.0≤Al/Si<7.0)Henan price remained restrained at RMB 550 per tonne.

Backed on the rise in bauxite price, the A00 aluminium ingot price has also extended its growth from RMB 13,900 per tonne to RMB 13,910 per tonne, as of July 31, found Shanghai Metals Market. The average prices are expected to range between RMB 13,890 per tonne and RMB 13,930 per tonne, with spot contract to be traded at a discount price of RMB 10 per tonne to a premium price of RMB 30 per tonne.

The A00 aluminium ingot price in Tianjin has seen the highest rise by RMB 40 per tonne to RMB 13,920 per tonne, followed by the hike in Gongyi by RMB 20 per tonne to RMB 13,780 per tonne. In Shenyang, the A00 aluminium ingot price has increased by RMB 15 per tonne, while in other major cities the price has risen by RMB 10 per tonne.

As far as other input costs are concerned such as that of alumina, prebaked anode, aluminium fluoride, and aluminium powder, all remained restrained today at RMB 2,475 per tonne, RMB 3,137 per tonne, RMB 9,850 per tonne, and RMB 6,400 per tonne, respectively.

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