Rusal targets increased share of value-added aluminum products

Rusal’s 50:50 joint venture in the Sverdlovsk region with cabling and wiring products developer ELKA-Cable that launched its first line in mid-2017 — has now completed work allowing it to make aluminum-core cables.

Ramp-up to its nameplate capacity of 4,400 mt/year (aluminum net-weight in end-products) will take three years while certification for its products, which are new to the market, will take a while, said the spokeswoman.

BKZ will make three types of cables designed for power grid, petroleum and oilfield service companies in Russia and the CIS: oil submersible cable, self-supporting insulated conductor, and flexible conductor. They all contain in-house made aluminum wires, strands and conductors.

BKZ is Russia’s first producer of such cables, according to Rusal, which supplies aluminum alloys to Bogoslov.

BKZ is Rusal’s fourth downstream business. The other three are wheel, powder and foil making assets, and all process Rusal’s primary aluminum and alloys.

Last year, they sold a combined 1.66 million mt of products, roughly 45.5% of the company’s 3.67 million mt overall sales.

Increasing in-house aluminum processing and the share of value-added products in its portfolio remains Rusal’s strategic priority, the spokeswoman said.

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