Top five aluminium rolling mills in the world

Currently Aluminium flat rolled products accounts for about 32% of the global aluminium usage followed by extrusions at 31%, castings at 22% and wire rods at 8%.  Flat rolled products demand will continue to grow driven by substitution trend in transport and growth in packaging driven by can stock and foil in emerging markets. Aluminium FRP demand for cars is expected to grow from 1.5 million tonnes in 2018 to 3.5 million tonnes a year in 2025. That indicates the growing significance of rolling mills and more and more investments happening in Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Leveraging on the growing demand from automakers for aluminium sheet in Body-in White applications, the top aluminium downstream producers have invested heavily on rolling expansions.  We are listing here the top five rolling mills based on their estimated current capacity.

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